Yes, precisely how do you feel right now. Comfortable? Wish you were somewhere else, or you might just feel that you should be doing something else – perhaps a little more productive than reading this!

Before going further, lets just delve a little.

There’s that much here in blogspace and on the web in general, that you could be totally wasting your time – but hang in just a little longer.

Pit of your stomach a slightly uncomfortable feeling? Am I wasting my life away? What will release me I keep asking myself.

One thing for sure, that which you feel now is REAL and I really mean that. It is the most significant of all your feelings, the reality of this present emotional state. To feel anything else you must somehow transform or have transformed that what you are feeling right now. This place is the only doorway through which you can get to your truth, in fact it is the only route to getting closer to a deeper truth.